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The Higher Education for Feqh And  Islamic Education

The higher education for Fegh and Islamic education is one of the four schools of the Higher Education for Fegh which in that implements high level of Jurisprudence.

This school has three scientific-educational groups ; Including: 1.QuranandHadith 2.Philosophyand Theology  3. Islamic History  4. Islamic Education 5. Jurisprudence and principles

training Courses

1.Level 3(MA) Jurisprudence and Islamic education fields

This level has 4 fields: 1.Quran 2.IslamicPhilosophy 3. Islamic Theology 4.IslamicHistory

Units Course Topics Row
86 Seminary Courses 1
20 Specialized Courses 2
4 Thesis 3
110 Total lessons of this period

2.Level  4 (PH.D.) Jurisprudence and Islamic education

This level has 4 fields: 1. Interpretation and Quran science 2.IslamicPhilosophy 3. Islamic Theology 4.  IslamicHistory

Units Course Topics Row
34 Seminary Courses 1
8 Prerequisite Lessons 2
8 Basic Lessons 3
10 Specialized Courses 4
18 Basic Lessons 5
78 Total lessons of this period

3.Level 4 Islamic Education

Level 4 Islamic education is designed to advise of some scholars; with purpose of upbringing missionary in high level. Accordingly،the lessons Is intended content of Islamic Education and teaching skills.

Units Course Topics Row
130 Specialized Courses 1
20 Complementary and Skills Courses 2
150 Total lessons of this period


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