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Expert school of Feqh and Islamic education

This school is responsible for  teaching  institute’s clergymen  in levels 1,2 (BA and MA).In levels 1,2 , clergymen learn  Feqh and Islamic education,Basic and specialized courses, for example: Literature,Logics, Jurisprudence and Principles as well as Interpretation, Philosophyand Theology, Islamic history  and so on .At the end,They offer the final research in value of 2 units.

Units Course Title Row
43 Arabic Literature 1
54 Jurisprudence and Principles 2
44 Philosophy and theology 3
10 History of Islam 4
17 Quran Sciences 5
20 General Courses 6
189 Total Lessons Of This Period

  This school has three scientific-educational groups; including: 1.Arabic Literature   2.  Jurisprudence and Principles group  3 .Islamic Education group 4. Philosophy and Theology  group.

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