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  International relationsmanagement:

International relations management using the experience, capability and capacity operate in   the following fields:

1.      Connection with media and broadcasting for covering news and institute programs 

2.      Introducing institute in various forms such as movie, books as well as compilation brochures

3.      Assembling necessary field for elite clergymen to effective participation in domestic and international media

4.      Publication of institute's official positions in occasions and various events

5.      Designing and Creating institute's website to the address

6.      Identifying, organizing, guiding and supporting alumni and supervising their activities.

7.      To empower alumni and missionaries with holding practical short-term courses

8.      Organizing, optimizing traditional preaching methods as well as new methods

9.      Following-up short, medium and long term dispatch  as well as increasing preaching capacity

10.  clergymen and scholars preaching's grouping

11.  Holding workshops, meetings and expert conferences of preaching

12.  This management uses professors and experts in group of scientific - educational; In order to planning and training for students in long and short term

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