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Deputy of Cultural-Educational

In order to train scholars purify and Base on Sovereignty of ethical principles as well as Revive the best traditions of Islamic Seminary, Part of the activities of Deputy of Cultural-Educational are as follows:

1. Designing, planning, and holding various and numerous ethics classes with the benefit of scholar’s ethics of Islamic Seminary

2. Consulting to students about educational issues, family, social and economic

3. Planning and implementing practical classes, such as the writing methods, discussion of doctrinal and answers to Theological questions, the translation method, computer training, English language, Maddahi, Physical Education and so on

4. Holding Quran classes: Tartyl, preliminary and complementary of Tajvid , sequential and subject Memorizing as well as train teacher of Quran

5.Holding various regular and correspondence Quranic competitions, holding Quranic ceremonies and celebrations

6. Determining interpretive studies courses as well as holding interpretation competitions in different level for students

7. Holding introductory classes with Nahjolbalaghe, Books of Prayers and Ziarat, Sahife Sajjadieh as well as Hadith studies and memorizing the Hadith

8. Preparing and distributing of pamphlets and brochures in various occasions in the field of psychology, Consulting, Self-Purification as well as Ethics

9. Doing Diagnostic interviews in relation with identifying elite students and forming Educational Profile

10. Holding short-term and long-term cultural and recreational camps

11. Holding E'tikaf ceremonies for clergymen in Qom and Mashhad

12. Holding Exhibitions, Meetings and Quranic conferences, cultural and artistic

13. Holding classes and sport tournaments by using experienced teachers in fields of wrestling, Bodybuilding،Martial Arts، Indoor soccer as well as Volleyball and Swimming

14. Attending in chamber of single students and married student's houses and get familiarity with their life and issues

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