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Research deputy

In order to deepen the professional training, supporting and researching services to students in all levels, the Research Deputy has provided access to the following matters:

1.      Organizing studies and supporting researchers as well as evaluating their work

2.      Compilation and Translation effective works into living language of the world

3.      Holding Training classes and increasing knowledge

4.      Answering to Questions of science, verbal and so on

5.      Dissemination of scientific publications, including two specialized publications (Kosar-e-Ma'aref and Feqh Research) and a social-cultural magazine (Zamzam-e-Ma'aref)

6.      Providing special services and Honoring of the top research scholars and translators such as: coupon of buying Book and consumer goods ,Introducing to the scientific centers, Introducing for receiving scholarships ,Travel allowance As well as put in the priorities for receiving the housing

7.      Evaluating more than 7000 works with cooperation scientific groups in Arabic, Persian, Azeri Turkish, Istanbul Turkish, Urdu, Bengali, Indonesian, English, Spanish, Tajik, German, Pashto, Malivi, Sindhi and Panjavi

8.      Organizing of library resources (including books, journals, dissertation, etc.) and aims to provide scientific and research services to clergymen, researchers, scholars etc.

9.      Holding conferences, meetings and scientific competitions in cooperation with scientific-educational groups as well as clergymen scientific unions

Lecturer Name Number of Articles Date Congress Title row
Ayatollah Sobhani 21 februry 19,2004 velayat in islam 1
Ayatollah Mesbah 49 May 27,2004 Revelation  Studies 2
Ayatollah Sobhani 107 october 21,2004 Waiting for the Sun 3
Ayatollah Ma'refat 42 May 12,2005 Basic Undersatanding and interpretation
of the Quran
Ayatollah A'rafi 110 March 02,2006 Religious Government 5
Ayatollah A'rafi 20 March 12,2006 Jurisprudence and the Environment 6
Professor rahimpour azghadi 158 January 04,2007 (Prophet Muhammad (Pbum 7
Ayatollah Nuri Hamedani 25 May 31,2007 Position of prophetic in Jurisprudence 8
Ayatollah A'rafi 63 May 31,2007 Imam khomeini's mystical ethical sire 9
Ayatollah Vaez-zadeh khorasani 50 March 05,2008 Jurisprudence,national unity and islamis solidarity 10
Ayatollah Taskhiri 139 March 13,2008 Islamis Solidarity 11
Professor rahimpour azghadi 120 November 13,2008 The Role of Religion in contemporary era 12
Ayatollah A'rafi 80 March 12,2009 seminary,changing,innovation and prosperity 13
Ayatollah Mo'men 30 March 12,2009 Transformation and innovation in Jurisprudence 14
Ayatollah A'rafi  30 November 26,2009 Evaluation of The trainig and education system
 in shiite seminaries
Ayatollah Ha'eri shirazi 75 March 11,2010 Islam and consumption Patterns 16
Ayatollah A'rafi  40 November 11,2010 Martyr sadr's thoughts 17
Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani  37 March 10,2011 Islam and Government 18

Parts of the scientific meetings held as follows:

Some of the held Subjects The Number held meetings Year Row
Religious ploralism,Ashura distortions,Reviewing system Based on Velayat faghih and etc 6 2003 1
Reservation of juridical and Historical perspective,say praying from
 the perspective of farighayn and etc
11 2004 2
Religious government with Emphasis o imam khomeini ideas,selfigary in the mirror of history 5 2005 3
Prophet (Pbum)ethical -educational sire and Hosseini movement in perspective of sunni and etc 13 2006 4
Ghadir role in islamic unity,the reasons of holy quran immortality,reviewing library
 doubts of holy quran
12 2007 5
The role of shiite theologians in the defense of religious trainings and etc 15 2008 6
imam khomeni's educational patterns,shiite-sunni seminaries interaction and etc 9 2009 7
Time management with emphasis on academic planning,the boundaries
of heretical and tradition in perspective of farighayn and etc
27 2010 8
130 Total

Scientific-research unions

The ten scientific unions also operate in supervising this department in holding conferences, meetings, scientific competitions and providing papers.

1.      Ethic and educations unions 2. Philosophy3. History 4.Quran science  5.Jurisprudence and Principles 6.Literature  7.Theology  8.Economic Jurisprudence  9.Judicial Jurisprudence 10.Hadith science

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