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Deputy of Educational Affairs

This deputy is responsible for making strategic policies and educational regulations as well as supervision of institute's educational activities, And in various level use from 650 Distinguished Professors in more than 35 fields, in teaching, Guidance, Thesis counseling 

              Parts of the activities of this deputy are as follows:

1.      Enrolling students for entrance exams of different levels of institute

2.      Scientific assessment and educational evaluation from entrance students by scientific-educational  school's groups

3.      Doing enrolment process of the admitted student and introduce them to different parts of the institute

4.      Following-up and implementation science competition (Olympiad) in the institute

5.      Holding Educational Councils meetings and follow-up its approvals

6.      Following-up and preparing educational regulations as well as Supervising the implementation of it

7.      Following-up affairs of transfer students to the institute or out of institute

8.      Following-up and focusing on affairs of graduate institute's students 

9.      Archiving educational and research documents of students, including documents, theses, CDs, and  give educational services to them



One of the honors of the Higher Education Institute for Fiqh is serious effort to empower students in research, and in this regard, clergymen and researchers attempted to edit and defend 320 final research and 1750 thesis as well as scientific treatise.

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