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Deputy of Financial affairs

This department aims to support and serve different parts of the institute, by creating proper fields for the welfare of students in the following activities:

1.      Designing for increasing accuracy, speed and efficiency in the executive Affairs

2.      Creating spirit of understanding, cooperation and efforts with other units in order to give better services to the students and their families

3.      Transferring of residential units and dormitories

4.      Following-up and issuance ID cards and health cards

5.      following-up affairs related to exit and return, passport as well as getting visa

6.      Following-up and paying scholarships, granting loan, doctor and health insurance

7.      Holding  training sessions in legal issues, medical and security

8.      Providing security and comfort for students in the Institute and Dormitories

9.      Trying in legalization, accelerate and facilitate finance flow and accounting and liquidity in connection with other parts of the institute

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