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Schools of Higher Education Institute of Feqh

The four schools of Higher Education Institute of Feqh, According to specific objectives are responsible for training clergymen in levels of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and in other words from the BA to the postdoctoral. Departments and other parts of the institute are responsible for other programs such as planning and research activities, cultural, educational, promotional and etc as well as they done, for all schools.

Schools of institute are consists of:

1. The Higher Education of Feqh and Islamic Education

2. The Higher Education of Feqh and Osool

3.Expert Higher Education school of Feqh and Islamic Education

4.Expert Higher Education of Feqh school

The duty of educating clergymen in this program:

1.      Participate in courses outside the jurisprudence and common jurisprudence in Islamic seminary.

2.        Participate in outside the jurisprudence advisory professor's classes.

In order to compensate the shortcomings outside public Islamic seminary lesson and for using more tips of teachers and most supervision on educational process; Clergymen choose a advisory professor for Jurisprudence as well as Principles ; for each one, A session of every week take part in five-student classes.Setspecificeducationalgoals for further progress of clergymen every year and duty of master and student is defined as follows:

Educational objectives  :

During the educational years, normally clergymen have educational growth ,But better use of opportunities and educational growth pace requires planning. Educational goals set each year and base on clergymen need to do some activities and assignments .

The annual clergymen activities:

First year:

1. General familiarty with scholars and their methods in the jurisprudence and principles             

2.Familiarity with outside lesson, study and discussion

3. Familiarity with requirements and equipment of outside lesson and Inference rules

4. Recognition general References  (Principles, Jurisprudence, Interpretation, Hadith, Lexical and so on)

5. Familiarity with the Rules and Principles of reasoning of master

6. Familiarity with the writing style of presentation

7. Explanation and Verbal presentation of master's lesson

Second years  :

1.      Review various vote of scholars and familiarity with source of saying

2.      Research and investigation (Analysis, setting, sorting, summary and conclusions)


3.      General  familiarity with narratives document and pay attention to Rejal issues


4.      Go to the old sources and the ancients books as well as Understanding of old texts


5.      Writingpresentationin Arabic(though primary)

Third year

1. Analysis and criticism as well as review of saying.

2. Detailed recognition narratives document as well as addressing to Hadith narrators .

3. Familiarity with Moqharen Jurisprudence

4. Increased capacity of research

5. Strengthening  Arabic writing in Research and presentation


1.      Detailed understanding of some key texts and resources

2.      Increase strength analysis scholars saying.

3.      Be able to inferring, comment and vote choice

4.      Research with an emphasis on invention and innovation base on the principles Ijtihad

5.      Reviews new fields and topics needed and preparation for the dissertation topic


4)Level 5 Jurisprudence and Principles field (Postdoctoral)

The Higher Education for Feqh , following its policy of training teachers, scholars, and theorists aware of time, capable in managing the scientific and cultural collections , Level 5 has attempted to design and launch . This course is unique in Islamic seminaries and the best courses in Almustafa international university. At this level, students focus on educational and research activities and sought to gain the Ijtihad power as well as Jurisprudence and Principles.


5)Teacher TrainingCourses:

A one-year period, which is with the goal of educating and providing the necessary teachers for  institutions and overseas  seminaries in Literature lessons ,Logics, Ideas and Quranic Sciences and Jurisprudence and Principles, held in order to promote educational talent and increase the capable of students.

Units Course Title Row
24 Specialized Courses 1
6 Courses method and Internship 2
30 Total Lessons of This Period


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