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Councils of Higher Education Institute of feqh:

Considering the mission, goals and important aspirations and the strategy of higher education institute of feqh that has vast and profound effect of international; necessity decisions to implement complete and comprehensive programs, the ten councils of institute has been established; which are including: InstituteCouncil, Juridical Council of Institute, EducationCouncil, Research Council, EducationalCouncil, Graduate Council, Elite Council, Faculty Affairs Committee, PH.D.  Committee and Disciplinary Committee

At the end, our requested from scholars, respected teachers and non-seminary and seminary  is to submit designs and offer their opinions; assist us to take more firm steps in order to give more services to students of  Imam Sadeqh’s (PBUH) maktab

There is hope that the efforts of all partners being in order to satisfy of heart of Imam of the age and with the benefit of his prayers has accepted by God

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